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Rose Martinez 2Rose Martinez

Missionary to Thailand and Cambodia

To learn more about Rose Martinez, visit: 

Current Involvement

In 1981, the Lord gave Rose Martinez a burden to care for the orphans of Thailand. Over the past almost 30 years, God has helped her and her staff minister to orphans in Thailand at the organization’s 7 homes, located mainly in Northern Thailand. Some of our own Calvary Chapel Visalia members helped MMF at several daycare centers in Southern Thailand after the tsunami, and helped build a new orphanage in Poi Pet, Cambodia, while ministering to the children there.

MMF’s goal is to provide a Christian environment and a strong foundation in the faith whereby each child will have the opportunity to come to know Jesus as personal Lord and Savior, lead others to Christ, and become a leader within the ranks of the children.

Financial Support

If you wish to make a financial gift, make checks payable to Christian Happy Home.  Checks can be put in the offering at CCV or you can mail check to:

Calvary Chapel Visalia
P.O. Box 6219
Visalia, CA 93290


Mercy Ministries Foundation
P.O Box 6
Chiangra, 57000 Thailand


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